what i think will happen in infinity war

what i think will happen in infinity war  a year after the events of civil war, the avengers are still divided into to groups, tony stark’s team and steve roger’s team. tony is starting to have visions of thanos, a evil alien who wants to find all the infinity stones to destroy the entire universe just to impress lady death. even though he is in love with lady death, lady death isnt in love with him. thanos attacks xandar and steals the power stone a.k.a. the orb, killing many nova corps along the way. the guardians of the galaxy, led by peter quill, realize they have to find all the other infinity stones before thanos gets to them.

stark realizes that a threat is coming to earth and is doing his best to protect earth. stark tries to warn general ross, but ross doesn’t believe him. meanwhile cap and his team are tracking down a mysterious man who is revealed to be the collector. the collector explains since the orb destroyed his collection he has been looking to build a collection on earth. the guardians arrive on earth and start tracking down the collector. when they get to his location they get into a fight with roger’s team. the guardians reveal to roger’s team that they are tracking down the infinity stones and warn them of thanos. rogers agrees to help and they set out to find infinity stones.

thanos continues to get the stones by taking the reality stone, time stone, and space stone. doctor strange meets with roger’s team and the guardians and reveal that thanos has taken the time stone. they realize that there are two stones left, the mind stone and the soul stone. roger’s team, the guardians, and doctor strange visit asgard, where the soul stone is contained. thor meets with the team and explains what happened to hulk. they are then attacked by chitauri, who attempt to steal the stone but are killed by the teams.

stark contacts rogers, who agrees to team up against thanos. the avengers, the guardians and heroes including doctor strange and spider man battle thanos. thanos kills drax,hawkeye, and thor, while injuring scarlet witch. doctor strange attempts to trap thanos in a time loop but thanos attacks before he traps him. hulk then arrives and punches thanos through the galaxy. despite winning the battle, the avengers know that thanos is still out there.

 that is what i think will happen


what i think will happen in the han solo movie

What i think will happen in the han solo moviea decade before the events of a new hope, han solo is a young man from the planet corellia and has turned to the life of a smuggler. han has worked with aliens such as jabba the hutt and is best friends with fellow smuggler lando calrissan. he has a partner named chewbacca, a wookie.
han discovers a plot by one of jabba’s men, dom kenobi, the nephew of the fugitive obi wan kenobi, to destroy all of tatooine. han solo then warns jabba about this, which jabba dismisses as a plan to get kenobi fired. han then enlists the help of sabine wren, a fugitive. wren and han get tracked down from one of anakin kenobi’s allies and escape using the millennium falcon, a ship han had won from lando. 
han, wren, and chewie arrive at jakku, where han meets with lando. lando reveals that dom kenobi is plnning to destroy tatooine because he wants revenge agaisnt jabba and his men for killing his parents, jeff and mary kenobi. lando was listening to a conversation beetween two of dom’s men and was chased by them. lando also reveals that dom will destroy tatooine with such a powerful weapon he could end up destroying the entire galaxy. they are then pursued by dom’s men and escape when a bounty hunter friend of han distratcs them, allowing them to take refuge in a old house.


han and wren discovers that dom wasn’t actually dom but rather richard tarkin, a empire stormtrooper who decided that in order to get planets like mon calamari to ally with the empire, he would have to destroy tatooine in order to impress the leaders of those planets, since those planets were at war with tatooine. wren and han travel to hoth, where richard tarkin plans to carry out his evil plan. han and wren fight tarkin and his men, but richard escapes on his ship.
han and wren pursue tarkin on his ship, where he leads them to a star destroyer near tatooine. tarkin prepares to fire at tatooine but is attacked by han and wren. tarkin severly injures chewie and almosts kills han. han tries to deactivate the weapon, but tarkin prevents him. han then kills tarkin and deactivates the weapon a few seconds before it fires. han and wren then arrive on tatooine, which they part ways. 
that is what i think will happen in the han solo movie